Delivering powerful solutions.

We plan and implement effective strategies to help hospitality businesses gain sweet advantages over competitors.

Strategy & Consulting

Carefully curated, tailored and optimised strategy is essential for your business' success. Let us bring in new perspectives and ideas, helping you to innovate and maximise profit efficiently.


Take advantage of our proven experience and knowledge in business, hospitality and marketing.

Content Creation

We offer professional photography, videography, motion, copywriting and website content production. Unique, professional content is the fuel to accelerate your digital presence.

From producing content for hundreds of social media channels, we love designing and implementing meaningful, value-driven content strategies.

Social Media Management

Let us fully manage your social media channels so you can focus on your business. From posting content, look-and-feel curation, customer relationships and public relations, let us take over and sweeten up a few things, increasing your engagement.

Word of Mouth

Over 90% of consumers trust recommendations from friends/family and up to 50% of all decisions are influenced by word-of-mouth. We offer both organic and amplified word of mouth implementations that bring results.


We also work with hundreds of New Zealand food and lifestyle content creators, capable of reaching 100,000s of people rapidly.

Social Media Follower Growth

Grow your social media channel's follower count efficiently, build social proof and develop a powerful brand presence.


We offer diverse plans and campaigns which are all organic, 100% safe and bot-free, gaining real followers who can become potential customers.

Website Design

We have designed a countless number of modern, beautiful and optimised websites ranking highly on the search engine results.

Provide convenience for the customers; gain trust and develop the brand image. Over 75% of consumers choose a restaurant based on the search results.

You have big goals to achieve and we can give you the solutions and competitive advantages.

Sounds sweet?