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Want a donut? Caramel by Say

The hospitality industry is about developing the best customer experience. Thus, transparent communication and marketing strategy is required to ensure success.

Social Media Strategy

Maximise the use of your social media channels to share your business values/goals, develop branding and increase customer engagement.

Branding & Communications

Build a powerful brand and develop good first impression by blending strategic storytelling and creativity.

Website Design

Have your customers drool over your beautiful food 24/7 with a high-performing, beautiful and modern website. 

Photography & Videography

Mouth-watering and crisp visual content backed with strategic captions is very important for transparent communications with the customers.

Digital Design

Keep your brand consistent and professional by aligning your business’s identity and values with digital content.

Strategic Consultation

Take advantage of our resources and knowledge in business, food, hospitality and everything digital, and apply them to your business.

Audience Growth

Grow your social media channel's follower count. Our unique and innovative method is organic, 100% safe and bot-free, gaining real, potential customers.

Influencer Marketing

We work with the biggest food influencer network in New Zealand; maximise your brand awareness efficiently.

Review Management

Increase customer credibility and trust even more by responding to the customer’s feedback.

What makes Caramel unique?

Organic Audience Growth

We are the only one in New Zealand offering our unique, organic growth program. With no third-party applications involved, we guarantee you a 100% safe, efficient growth of your social media channel's audience size.

And for your peace of mind, we do offer insurance so you can expect how much followers you will have gained by the end of the contracted term.

Influencer Marketing

Word-of-mouth is very powerful; over 90% of consumers trust recommendations from friends and family and up to 50% of all decisions are influenced by word-of-mouth.


With us working with the biggest food influencer network in New Zealand, you will be able to maximise your business’ brand awareness by partnering with our talented content creators and influencers efficiently.

Unmatched Capabilities & Pricing

With years of experience working with hundreds of hospitality businesses in New Zealand, we take pride in providing value and solving problems.


Take advantage of our knowledge, resources and network by working with us.

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